January 6th, 2018

Turnbuckle Titans kicks off 2018 with a look back at the BEST and WORST from a wild 2017 and determine the new inductees for the Turnbuckle Titans Hall of Fame!

Theme song - [ her love ] by driver

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Wrestling with Valiants Episode 13: Whose Show is it Anyway

October 17th, 2015

On this very special episode of Wrestling With Valiants, we barely talk about wrestling. But, we do talk about some WWE, TNA, Lucha Underground, and take a few minutes to talk about A.C.H. (he's our friend). Then we talk about Football and give our picks for Week 6! 

Oh yeah and we talk about the majestic NXT Takeover: Respect!
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Surf ‘N Turf Episode 2: Raw’s Revenge

September 10th, 2015

On this episode of Surf 'N Turf, Tark "The Shark" and Gravy Man talk about Raw and then talk about other stuff...If that's not a great way to sell this episode, I don't know what is.

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Wrestling With Valiants Episode 11: The One Without Andrew and Nick

September 6th, 2015

I wasn't on this episode of Wrestling With Valiants, nor was Nick. BUT, Tarken and Anthony of "Surf 'N Turf" hold down the house with Renzo, Dean, and Grayson. Also, "Surf 'N Turf" is moving full time to a Wednesdays release and "Wrestling With Valiants on Saturdays. 

One more thing, look out for the first episode of The Sparring Session With Kung Drew coming out this Monday where I (oh yeah this is your People's Champ, Andrew Gelinas) talk to people who I think would be fun to talk to. I will be chatting with my good buddy, and the creator of the Valiant Vision name, Mike Joyce on some random stuff. Be sure to check that out when it is released. 
We got many more exciting things coming down the pipeline as September rolls forward. And we are happy to grow as you continue to listen!
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Surf ‘N Turf Episode 1: Gravy and Shark

September 3rd, 2015

Welcome to our new show, Surf 'N Turf, starring Tark the Shark and Gravy Man! Check it out!

Today on the inaugural episode of Surf N’ Turf we have a lot of stuff to cover in a short amount of time! We give our thoughts of the Aug. 31st episode of Raw, why the Divas Revolution is flatter than a week old, room temperature Pepsi. Sting getting a title shot at Night Of Champions and many more! We also discuss big news on Jimmy Snuka’s arrest, Zahara getting fired, the NXT Performance Center shooting, Dean Ambrose almost getting stabbed on Smackdown, and Bram signing a new multi year contract for the up-and-coming promotion called prison. 
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Wrestling With Valiants Episode 7: Paying One to the Piper

August 8th, 2015

Sorry being late on this one, but on this episode the guys are joined by Anthony, I mean "Gravy", and Tark the Shark! They talk about Raw, Roddy, and more 'Restling. Check it out, like us on Facebook, subscribe to us on iTunes, and follow us on Podbean!

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Wrestling With Valiants Episode 5: Full House

July 15th, 2015

On this episode of Wrestling With Valiants, Nick, Andrew, Grayson, Renzo, and Juan are joined by the sixth man on the team, Dean! Here's what we got on the show:

-Raw Review
-New Era in Women's Wrestling
-Tough Enough? Kind of
-Battleground Predictions
-Featuring the shouting woman coming from Renzo
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