Wrestling With Valiants Episode 28: FASTLANE REVIEW

February 27th, 2016

Sorry for being a bit late on this one guys. On this episode of WWV, we talk about:

-Fastlane Review
-Raw Recap
-What's wrong with Roman?
-Lucha Underground
-What grinds my gears
-Features 2 minutes of Grayson and 0 minutes of Based Brandy
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Wrestling With Valiants Episode 27: We On An Ultralight Beam

February 20th, 2016

If we sound like we've all lost our collective minds, we probably did. This week it's only myself (Andrew), Renzo, and Dean. But we do talk Big Show on Stone Cold's Podcast and why it was one of the best so far. We also go through our WWE Fast Lane predictions, Lucha Underground talk, and then cue the delirium. (I'm So Sorry about Weeaboo Jones).

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